Tux Shop
young man wearing white jacket tuxedo with blue pants and bowtie at tux shop palm beach
floral bowtie boutonniere and pocket square at tux shop palm beach
formalwear store interior with penguin statues at tux shop palm beach
man with hand in pocket showing watch pants and suspenders at tux shop palm beach
upper torso of man showing images inside suit jacket lining at tux shop palm beach

The Tux Shop, located in the PGA Commons Art & Dining District, is a unique “Bridal Shop for Grooms” that offers a wide range of tuxedos for rental and purchase, as well as custom garments. With all their work done in-house, the shop provides a convenient and personalized experience for individuals seeking high-quality formalwear. For over 35 years, this Palm Beach institution is known for its excellent customer service and attention to detail, making it a go-to destination for those in need of elegant and stylish tuxedos for celebrations, weddings and other special events.

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