New Details About Epic Universe Park Opening In 2025

In 2025, Universal Destinations & Experiences or UDX is set to open Universal’s newest park Epic Universe. This incredible new addition to the Orlando resort will offer unparalleled theme park immersion, sweeping visitors into vast worlds abounding with over 50 awe-inducing attractions, entertainment, dining, and shopping ventures.

The introduction of Universal Orlando’s fourth theme park aims to combine their parks into a comprehensive weeklong vacation destination brimming with even more captivating experiences than ever before.

Experience Unforgettable Realms at Universal’s Epic Universe

The entrance to Epic Universe will be your gateway to five exceptional worlds that are both breathtaking and culturally engaging. Prepare to journey beyond the realms of your wildest imagination.

The Journey Begins at Celestial Park

Positioned at the heart of the park, Celestial Park is where your adventure begins. Brimming with sprawling gardens, playful waterways, and peaceful pathways, it redefines the concept of a typical theme park. Serving as a gateway, Celestial Park unlocks the path to the other four splendid worlds of Epic Universe through its magnificent portals.

Delve into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic

Step into the enchanting aura of 1920s Wizarding Paris from Warner Bros Pictures’ Fantastic Beasts films and the renowned British Ministry of Magic from the Harry Potter series.


Dive into unforgettable adventures as you navigate through the iconic green pipe into the world of popular characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Donkey Kong.

Embark on Viking Adventures with How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk

Take flight with dragons in this vibrant world of Viking stories drawn from the hit How to Train Your Dragon film franchise.

Venture into the Mysterious Dark Universe

Explore a world of myths and mysteries, promising everything from Dr. Victoria Frankenstein’s experiments to a dark landscape teeming with monstrous creatures.


Epic Universe also includes three new Universal hotels: the Universal Stella Nova Resort, Universal Terra Luna Resort, and the majestic Universal Helios Grand Hotel nestled right inside the theme park.

Epic Universe sets a new precedent in theme park innovation, integrating energy efficiency and sustainable construction practices as key aspects in designing this thrilling new destination, courtesy of Universal Destinations & Experiences. Read more details about their 2025 opening.