Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures Launches New Virtual Reality Experience
rendered environment with virtual avatars in airboat park within virtual reality metaverse boggy creek adventures kissimmee

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures, a leading Central Florida nature-based attraction celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year, is launching a brand-new Virtual Reality Experience. This immersive Metaverse virtual reality experience allows visitors to actually walk through the park and experience the Butterfly Enclosure, Gemstone Mining, and Educational Talks, plus learn more about the attraction while seated in an airboat.

A special feature also lets guests play Virtual Reality games and collect gems to win free Gemstone Mining at the park and discounts on admission tickets. Visit their website to try it for yourself.

“As the first Florida Attraction you can fully experience in the Metaverse, you’ll discover the thrill of Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures and Native Florida like never before. This takes us to a whole different level before our guests even arrive,” explains Nick Romeo, Director of Marketing, Sales & Events for Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures.

“We call it a Metadventure. You will explore fascinating educational interactions, learn about Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures and Native Florida while seated in our VR airboat, and immerse yourself in our virtual reality game for a chance to win a discount on your next visit, plus an exciting free gemstone mining adventure!” The gemstone mining game requires a Virtual Reality headset.

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures has been providing airboat tours since 1994 with its unique Native Florida airboat adventure tours. The attraction, located within a natural 32-acre lakeside park serving as the headwaters of the Everglades, also features an enclosed Butterfly Garden, on-site BBQ Restaurant, gator pond, 70-ft. gemstone mining sluice and a Native American Living History Museum (separate admission is required).