Best Ft. Lauderdale Museums
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Fort Lauderdale may be known for its picturesque beaches and vibrant nightlife, but it also boasts an impressive museum scene. Whether you’re a history buff or an art lover, there are always things to do and see in this South Florida city. From interactive exhibits to family fun attractions to engaging art collections, you’re sure to learn something new and be entertained. Without further ado, let’s dive into the best Ft. Lauderdale museums.

Historic Stranahan House Museum

The Stranahan House Museum is a popular destination for visitors interested in exploring Florida’s history firsthand. Located near the New River, the house has stood since the 19th century and was originally home to Frank and Ivy Stranahan. It remains one of the oldest surviving structures in Broward County and offers visitors an insight into local culture, architecture, and history. Visitors can view artifacts from the original owners, including furniture, photographs, paintings, articles of clothing, and more. Guided tours are available for individuals or groups which provide fascinating stories about how life was lived in Fort Lauderdale over 100 years ago. The museum also hosts special events throughout the year such as lectures, field trips, and demonstrations.

NSU Art Museum

NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale invites you to come to explore its permanent collection as well as its diverse lineup of exhibitions. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or just looking for something to do, the museum has something to offer everyone. Dive into the world of visual arts and experience a range of works from various cultures and eras! The collection features both contemporary and traditional art, making it a great place for visitors to expand their knowledge base and broaden their horizons. Spend some quality time in this cultural hub surrounded by thoughtful artwork that will inspire your imagination. Before you go, don’t forget to check out the museum gift shop for unique souvenirs memorializing your visit! With free admission every day, what are you waiting for?

Museum of Discovery and Science

The Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place for families to explore and learn together. With a wide variety of interactive exhibits, including an Everglades habitat, kids and adults can discover something new every time they visit. There’s also plenty of educational programming available that covers topics ranging from science and technology to local history – all designed to foster curiosity in both children and their parents. No matter your age, you’re sure to find something fascinating at the Museum of Discovery and Science! Plus, ask about the free family-themed days throughout the year that provide exciting activities for everyone.

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Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is a great place to experience the beauty of nature while exploring South Florida’s history. Located on Fort Lauderdale Beach, this estate is home to a 35-acre subtropical garden where visitors can enjoy walking trails and beautiful vistas. Guests will also gain insight into the lives of former owner Frederic Clay Bartlett and his family through the museum’s furnished rooms and art collections. From learning about sea turtles in the garden to seeing live performances in the outdoor theater, Bonnet House has something for everyone! Be sure to visit if you’re traveling in South Florida – you won’t regret it!

History Fort Lauderdale

History Fort Lauderdale is an educational and cultural organization dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and celebrating the history of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Area. It collects, examines, and communicates the region’s past through its museum, research library, archives, publications, programs, and special events. Established in 1977 by the Junior League of Greater Ft. Lauderdale, History Fort Lauderdale has grown into a major cultural institution in South Florida. Its mission is to preserve and promote the area’s history through education and collaboration with local organizations as well as other institutions across the country. The museum offers interactive exhibits on topics such as architecture, transportation, early settlements, and more. History buffs visiting the area will want to add this comprehensive museum to their itinerary.

Butterfly World

Butterfly World is a one-of-a-kind attraction located in Coconut Creek, Florida. Visitors of all ages are welcome to visit and experience the wonder of this amazing place. As you explore this outdoor attraction, you will find an array of butterfly species from around the world living together in a lush tropical paradise! The free-flight aviary is home to over 20,000 butterflies representing over 50 different species. It’s the perfect place to observe these beautiful creatures up close and learn more about their life cycle and behavior. You can even help feed them! The park includes a hummingbird garden, a butterfly museum, and an insectarium featuring exotic insects. Visitors can take a guided tour of the gardens or explore the many educational displays that provide information on species conservation and ecology. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, Butterfly World is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

African-American Research Library and Cultural Center

The African American Research Library and Cultural Center is a vibrant beacon of history, culture, and art in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Over one million items – including rare books, artifacts, artwork, and manuscripts – focus on the history and culture of people of African, African-American and Caribbean descent. This 60,000-square-foot facility is the sixth-largest library within Broward County and the third of its kind in the nation. Since opening its doors over two decades ago, there have been over 40 major exhibits with more than 1 million visitors stopping by for this incredible experience so far. So if you’re looking for something truly unique and part of South Florida history, then be sure to visit this site today!

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Dauer Museum of Classic Cars

If you’re a classic car enthusiast, then the Dauer Museum of Classic Cars in Sunrise – northwest of Downtown Ft. Lauderdale – is the perfect destination for you. This museum is home to an impressive collection of historic collectible cars, ranging from quaint antiques to high-powered muscle. The attention to detail in the preservation of these classic beauties is remarkable, all of which are in immaculate condition. The museum not only provides a glimpse into the history of restored cars from the 1930s to the 1970s, but it also offers visitors the chance to learn about the stories and significance behind each car. Whether you’re a classic car connoisseur or just curious about the origins of automobile history, the Dauer Museum of Classic Cars is worth a visit.

Stonewall National Museum & Archives

Imagine walking into a place where history comes alive, a place that not only celebrates the past but also embraces the present and the future – this is what the Stonewall National Museum & Archives is all about. As the largest LGBTQ+ library, archive, and museum in the United States, it provides an immersive experience that educates and connects visitors with the incredible contributions of the LGBTQ+ community throughout history. The museum’s collection includes over 28,000 LGBTQ+ books and publications, rare photographs, and artifacts that document the struggles, triumphs, and diverse stories of the community. Whether you’re a history buff, an activist, or simply interested in learning more about the LGBTQ+ community, the Stonewall National Museum & Archives is a must-visit destination.

Fort Lauderdale Fire and Safety Museum

The Fort Lauderdale Fire and Safety Museum, located downtown near the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, is dedicated to preserving the rich history of fire safety in South Florida. Not only does it showcase antique firefighting equipment and memorabilia, but it also educates visitors on fire prevention and safety tips. As you explore the exhibits, you’ll learn about the brave men and women who dedicated their lives to protecting their community from fires and other emergencies. Come visit and discover Fort Lauderdale’s hottest attraction!


Ft. Lauderdale offers a unique and authentic cultural experience, and its museums are an essential part of it. From contemporary art to antique cars, there is something for everyone. So, next time you’re in Ft. Lauderdale, make sure to visit these interesting museums and immerse yourself in this vibrant city’s art and history. Check out our Ft. Lauderdale Travel Guide for more info on things to do in Fort Lauderdale.