Newly Renovated Jesus Film Project Tour Opens

Reopened after major renovations and upgrades, Jesus Film Project in Orlando is once again offering tours to Orlando visitors and locals!

Come to learn how the JESUS film came to be, and see how God is enabling us to create films, strategies and resources that help you share the love of Jesus in almost any language.

You can take the new tour with one of our friendly tour guides for exclusive facts and insights. Or take the tour on your own and explore the many new interactive displays and videos at your own pace. However you choose to enjoy the tour, you’ll walk away inspired to reach your world with the good news of Jesus.

  • Explore interactive exhibits about the history and impact of the JESUS film.
  • Learn how we adapt JESUS and other films into new languages and experience the dubbing and recording process for one of our films in real-time.
  • Hear remarkable stories about missionaries sharing the love of Jesus around the world.

The best part? The tour is completely free. For more info and special coupon, visit their page.