Tallahassee Automobile Museum
many baseball photos and memorabilia framed on a wall at tallahassee automobile museum florida
batmobile from the tv series with batman and robin statues at tallahassee automobile museum florida
classic cars from 50s and 60s in a warehouse of exhibits at tallahassee automobile museum florida

The Tallahassee Automobile Museum houses one of America’s largest collection of antique and specialty automobiles and collectables. In addition to classic cars, they also feature an extensive knife, boat, boat motor, fishing lure, sports memorabilia, adding machine, pedal car, doll, Native American artifact, Batmobile, motorcycle, antique cash register, brass fan, Steinway piano, antique time piece collection and a historic general store exhibit. The collection of automobiles is quite diverse and displays over 160 automobiles such as a horse-drawn funeral hearse from the 1860s said to house Abraham Lincoln, and three original Batmobiles featured in Batman films. Steinway pianos featured include the Peace Piano, Chihuly Art Piano, the Alma – Tadema Steinway, the White House “Gold” Piano and the 500,000th Steinway produced. Vehicles are also available for sale or trade.

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