Florida Air Museum
front desk with prop plane upside down at florida air museum lakeland
biplanes in exhibit room at florida air museum lakeland
commercial jet with exhibits in hangar at florida air museum lakeland
plane engines and propellers at florida air museum lakeland
sun n fun campus sign with plane at florida air museum lakeland

The Florida Air Museum, located in Lakeland, Florida, is a premier destination for aviation enthusiasts and tourists alike. As Florida’s Official Aviation Museum and Education Center, it features a vast and dynamic collection of aircraft, including unique designs, classics, ultra-lights, antiques, and warbirds. The museum, part of the Sun ‘N Fun Aerospace Expo campus near the Lakeland Linder International Airport, offers an immersive experience with interactive displays and exhibits that celebrate the history and joy of flight. Visitors can explore a diverse array of airplanes and learn about aviation pioneers like Howard Hughes. Beyond aircraft, the museum provides educational exhibits on weather and other aviation-related topics, making it a comprehensive and engaging destination for all ages.

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