Bok Tower Gardens
pink stone tower rising above tree line at bok tower gardens lake wales
rare iris flower with grass field in background at bok tower gardens lake wales
communal garden plots with building at bok tower gardens lake wales
base of tower with brass door and reflective pool at bok tower gardens lake wales
trails along hillside with placards at bok tower gardens lake wales

Bok Tower Gardens, located along a hilltop in Lake Wales, Florida, is a 250-acre contemplative garden and bird sanctuary that has offered some of the state’s most remarkable experiences to over 23 million visitors since 1929. Renowned for its meticulously maintained gardens and trails, Bok Tower Gardens provides a tranquil escape with shady walks and numerous water features. At the heart of the gardens stands the historic Bok Singing Tower, a stunning 205-foot tall structure whose melodious carillon bells create a relaxing and hypnotic ambiance. Visitors are also invited to explore El Retiro, a 20-room Mediterranean-style mansion set amidst lush acres, transporting guests back in time with its enchanting architecture and serene surroundings. Whether you’re here to enjoy the captivating sounds of the bells, marvel at the beautiful landscapes, or simply find solace in nature, Bok Tower Gardens offers a unique and unforgettable experience for all who visit.

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