Why Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Even if you cannot travel to all your favorite faraway places right now, it’s an excellent time to prepare and plan!

More so now than ever, travelers are looking for one service to help them travel with peace of mind. Regardless of the type of travel, travel insurance has always been a big question mark when planning a trip.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the Travel Insurance Master team realized many travelers have little in-depth understanding of travel insurance, usually want to spend very little, and quickly forget about the cost of travel insurance if their travels go as planned.

However, when travelers decline insurance, and something goes wrong – that’s something they won’t forget. You don’t want to lose your investment of time and money on flights, transportation, tickets, or accommodations as a result of flight troubles, trip interruptions (if you have to cut your trip short) or cancellations. And you don’t want to spend excess money out of pocket while traveling in case of sickness, accidents, property damage, and loss.

Travel Insurance is also a necessity for domestic trips, not just international ones! Flights can still be delayed and cancelled, accidents can still happen, and luggage can still get lost – no matter how near or far your adventure takes you from home.

If you’re traveling during hurricane season, you’re risking a storm at any time from June – December. While a hurricane is unlikely and unpredictable, don’t delay on protecting your vacation until the storm is headed for you or your destination. It’s always best to purchase travel insurance well in advance and look for the Hurricane and Weather Cancellation Benefit filter. A Cancel for Any Reason or Trip Cancellation Benefit plan may be something to consider if you plan on traveling during this time. A hurricane could even affect your home before your leave, delay your flight, and much more!

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With Covid-19, the risk of contracting the virus is still very prevalent. As you begin to plan future trips, it’s important to consider protecting your travel investment. A Cancel for Any Reason plans allow you to cancel for any reason as long as you are cancelling within the stated timeframe before your trip. Trip Cancellation or Emergency Medical may also protect the trip cost if you were to become ill with Covid-19 before or during your travels.

Hitting the road? Check off the Rental Car benefit filter on our website for plans that will cover your rental car. This cost saving tip will give you the protection you need without the added cost of purchasing a plan at the rental car agency or using your own personal auto insurance.

Don’t panic about lost or delayed luggage either. The Loss or Delay search filters will help you find the protection you want to give you added peace of mind to protect your property.

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Don’t stress about your future travels, let Travel Insurance Master help you find the protection you need in case of the unexpected. Researching travel insurance options can be overwhelming but TravelInsuranceMaster.com finds you the perfect fit so you can spend more time planning your vacation. Simply input your trip details and the website quickly and easily recommends a plan for you using our trusted algorithm. Customizable filters will also breakdown the results of how each plan compares. As always, refer to your certificate of insurance to see the exact coverages you’re buying, and utilize the filters on TravelInsuranceMaster.com to find exactly what you are looking for.

Travel insurance might be a small additional cost when planning your Florida Vacation, but in the case of the unexpected, travel insurance can save you a lot in the long run.

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Contributed by Chelsea Capwell, with Travel Insurance Master, LLC. Travel Insurance Master is an online travel insurance aggregator which works with multiple providers and uses a smart algorithm to quickly and easily recommend a plan for maximum coverage for your money.  Protect your travel plans in the case of medical emergency, property loss or damage, weather, cancellations, delays or interruptions, and more.