The One Stop Guide to Holidaying In Florida

Florida is synonymous with an easy and relaxing time. Countless people have Florida as their number one holiday destination. And because of its warm climate throughout the year, the state is the perfect place to visit all year round. Below is a one-stop guide when it comes to vacationing in the state of Florida.

photo of beach with leaning palm tree on the right and soft white sand with the ocean and clear blue skyline

The beach is a popular destination in Florida

Haven For Beach-Lovers

 If you mention Florida to anyone, the first thing that comes to people’s minds would be white sand beaches. The state is indeed a popular destination for beach lovers and good reason. Florida sits smack in the middle of the tropics and is blessed with beautiful stretches of beaches. In fact, beaches surround the entire peninsula.

Sitting along the Gulf of Mexico coast is Clearwater Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the state dotted with beach-front hotels. It’s a perfect destination for people who enjoy lounging all day getting a good tan or people who like keeping their holidays active with fun water activities like parasailing and scuba diving. Siesta Key in Sarasota is also another popular beach and the go-to destination for couples and newlyweds. Of course, South Beach in Miami is the top destination for anyone who lives for an active nightlife.

Theme Parks Heaven

The next thing that people commonly associate with the state of Florida is theme parks. The world-famous Disney World Resort calls the state it’s home. The theme park is spread out on 27,000 acres of land and receives up to 52 million visitors every year. Here, you will find the world-renowned Cinderella Castle that overlooks the entire Magic Kingdom. Every Disney fan will surely have Florida’s Disney on their must-visit list. Besides Mickey Mouse’s kingdom, there is Universal Orlando Resort where guests can play, laugh, and scream with some of the most popular TV and movie characters. Universal also offers entertainment, dining, and shopping besides its theme park attractions.

man free dives wearing a snorkel mask and fins over coral reef

Underwater exploration in South Florida is one of the best things to do in Florida.

Underwater Exploration

The Florida coast is home to a vast array of the biome that is simply too irresistible to marine explorers. The waters are clean and warm which makes it the perfect environment for sea plants and sea creatures to thrive in vast numbers. All these make the state the number one destination for scuba divers and snorkelers. One of the best destinations for snorkeling would have to be John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Another one is Cannon beach in Key Largo where the site boasts beautiful reefs as well as exotic sea creatures. Also, the site also features a sunken Spanish ship whose remains have remained underwater for many hundreds of years.

mammoth fossil in the Florida Museum at University of Florida

The Florida Museum is one of the most interesting natural history museums in Florida

Museum Exploration

For the more discerning and artistic eyes, Florida also offers a magnificent collection of artwork from across different decades all housed in museums scattered all over the state. Not only are these a great way to escape the heat of summer, but a visit to a few of these makes for a chill and relaxing reprieve from all the water and outdoor activities.

South Florida Museum is a favorite among spy shop owners and surveillance enthusiasts. It houses the Montague Tallant Prehistoric collection that features artifacts from Florida’s colonial past. It also has a wonderful Planetarium with interactive astronomy-related programs. Another museum is the Florida Natural History Museum where the country’s largest natural history exhibition is housed.


If you’ve chosen to spend your holiday in Florida, these are some of the must-visit destinations to really make your visit worthwhile.

three young women and a man ride in a log water ride approaching a tunnel

Visiting the theme parks when in Orlando is a top activity for many Florida Travelers

Disney World

This is obviously the number one destination to consider when visiting the state. It’s not just for children. Adults find this magical theme park alluring and spend a good deal reminiscing their own childhood.

A couple of tips when planning a trip to Disney World. One, you need to prepare financially. The theme park can get quite expensive especially if you plan a multi-day trip here. And two, considering getting a package deal. The resort offers different accommodation options as well as park tickets for all budgets.


photo of lake eola surrounded by city buildings

While visiting the theme parks, visit Orlando for hot nightlife, delicious cuisine and see why it’s known as the City Beautiful.

If you visit Disney World, why not take the time to also explore its home, Orlando. It is a fun destination for all types of visitors. It is where the Universal Resort is located. The city also boasts more than 200 hotels and countless more restaurants. There are resorts that also feature entertaining theater experiences. A leisure stroll on its streets is more than enough to feel the vibe of the city.

St. Augustine

The city of St. Augustine was founded by Spanish explorers back in 1565. At present, the city is considered to be the oldest continuously European-occupied settlement in the United States. All this history is evident in the look of the city itself. St. Augustine is rich in historical heritage. It has managed to retain its old-world charm with gorgeous monuments and buildings. It did manage to modernize as evident by its rather busy nightlife.

arial view of castillo de san marcos courtesy of Florida's Historic Coast

Arial view of the first fort in the United States, Castillo de San Marcos, courtesy of Florida’s Historic Coast


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