dining area with sign and artwork at nineteen61 lakeland
pork chop in red sauce at nineteen61 lakeland
rice dish with plantain at nineteen61 lakeland
scallop with risotto and greens at nineteen61 lakeland
seafood entree with compote at nineteen61 lakeland

Nineteen61 is an upscale Latin fusion restaurant that combines Peruvian and Cuban influences to create a unique and memorable dining experience. Situated along Main St in downtown Lakeland, this culinary gem offers a diverse menu featuring high-quality ingredients, many of which are locally sourced, such as pigs raised on specific diets at Mt Citra Farms in Ocala. The restaurant honors the year 1961, significant for the owner’s family history, adding a poignant narrative to its atmosphere. With rave reviews highlighting its exceptional dishes, including top-notch steaks and delightful sides, Nineteen61 stands as a beacon of what Lakeland dining can achieve. Guests can enjoy a refined dining experience for lunch or dinner, with private party options available, making it perfect for both special occasions and casual outings alike.

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(863) 688-1961