World's Most Famous Beach - Daytona Beach
aerial view of a drive-on beach with pier at daytona area beaches
couple in a jeep with a surf board driving along coastal road at daytona area beaches
view of sky with gateway sign daytona beach worlds most famous beach
women bicycling on a beach at sunset at daytona area beaches

Daytona Beach, heralded as the “World’s Most Famous Beach,” is a haven for tourists seeking both relaxation and adventure along Florida’s scenic coastline. With its 23 miles of sparkling white sandy beaches that welcome millions of visitors annually, Daytona Beach offers an unparalleled beachfront experience. From the thrill of beach driving to peaceful moments watching sea turtles, the city combines natural beauty with a rich history, including its iconic role in auto racing. Whether you’re looking to unwind on the sun-kissed shores, explore the historic Boardwalk with its carnival-like atmosphere, or indulge in world-class golfing, Daytona Beach encapsulates the essence of a memorable Florida vacation.

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