Sea Gull Cottage
victorian style home with awnings palm trees and historical marker at sea gull cottage palm beach

Sea Gull Cottage, nestled in the heart of Palm Beach, stands as the town’s oldest surviving house. This charming Victorian-style residence, constructed in 1886, holds a special place in the architectural history of Palm Beach. The cottage was originally built by R.R. McCormick and was later purchased by Henry Morrison Flagler, a key figure in Florida’s development. Flagler moved the cottage twice to preserve it, eventually placing it on the grounds of the Royal Poinciana Hotel. Today, it is located at the corner of Coconut Row and the Lake Trail, where it serves as the Rectory for the Royal Poinciana Chapel. With its vibrant yellow exterior, carefully restored interiors, and magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, Sea Gull Cottage offers a unique glimpse into the rich past of Palm Beach.

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