Medieval Torture Museum
man in red executioner hood holding axe with wall of skulls at medieval torture museum st augustine
skeleton stretched out on wheel shaped rack at medieval torture museum st augustine
cast bronze bull oven with door and victim inside at medieval torture museum st augustine
statue torturer standing over woman on flaying table at medieval torture museum st augustine
souvenir gift shop at medieval torture museum st augustine

Hidden away in the historical city of St. Augustine lies a museum that is not for the faint of heart – the Medieval Torture Museum. Step into a world of gruesome devices and learn about the twisted methods used to extract information or punish those who crossed the line in the Middle Ages. From the dreaded iron maiden to the excruciating rack, each exhibit tells its own harrowing tale of pain and suffering. Visitors can witness firsthand just how barbaric the methods were and gain a deeper understanding of the brutal history of human torture. Some may find it shocking and disturbing, while others may see it as a necessary reminder of the darker side of human nature. Regardless of your perspective, the Medieval Torture Museum is not an experience to be forgotten anytime soon.

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