zebras standing in a field near a minivan at lion country safari loxahatchee
emu looks through the window of a car at lion country safari loxahatchee
male lion panting in the shade of trees at lion country safari loxahatchee
giraffe extends its tongue to reach lettuce from a hand at lion country safari loxahatchee
rhinos and zebras grazing near a red car at lion country safari loxahatchee


Lion Country Safari in the Palm Beaches is Florida’s largest drive-through safari and walk-through adventure park. See over 1,000 animals including southern white rhinos, lions, giraffes, birds, primates and more on 300 acres of land at their drive-through safari. Enjoy two parks for one price – the 4-mile drive through safari as well as the walk-through Safari World adventure park. After you drive through the safari, continue to explore in the adventure park where you can enjoy the carousel, water park, giraffe feeding, paddle boats, flying elephant ride, mini golf and more!

A discount may be available. Please contact Lion Country Safari for current details, hours, promotions, admission tickets, and to verify visitor information as things may change.

Lion Country Safari is a proud member of the Florida Attractions Association, representing Florida's finest family attractions.